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An Injury Prevention Program in Manual Handling

This program is for all industries and specialises in people handling.

This program promotes the abolition so far as is practicable, of manual handling risks in the workplace through the reduction of using physical strength to move inanimate and animate objects Includes people handling / transferring skills. Using mechanical aids & slide equipment will help you to help yourself to a better back in all industries.

Your Back is not a Hinge!

Excessive and over prolonged inappropriate bending postures will lead to stress on the spine and over time will cause pain and damage to your back. Think before you bend, learn to use different techniques in movement and use specific equipment to protect yourself from injury.

All clinical staff are required to attend a clinical training session on the preferred techniques & use of equipment for the movement of people in the clinical setting.


  • OHS Manual handling Legislative requirements for the industry within your State / Territory / Country
  • The benefits of risk identification, assessment & control in reducing workplace injuries.
  • How to conduct a manual handling risk assessment in your environment.
  • Practical techniques in people movement designed to reduce / eliminate the need for force / exertion in the movement / transfer of people.
  • Using a Equipment designed to assist in the movement & transfer of people for example sling hoists, sit stands, belts & slide sheets.

At the completion of this session, participants will have an understanding of:

  • Specific practical and pro active approaches to a known health industry risk.
  • Encourage a self directed attitude towards minimizing manual handling risks within the organization
  • Practical application of manual handling techniques / principles in movement and transference of both objects and people.
  • Competency packages will assess the level of training effectiveness and career competency post training sessions to specific Levels.

Levels of Training provided by PIPS P/L

Level 1 Training Introductions to the fundamentals of manual handling.

Training of persons in safe and correct postural techniques, in particular the safe use of their bodies in relation to basic manual handling tasks.

Specific to Manual handling general employees clinical / non clinical in the workplace

2 – 5 hours
Level 2 Training All elements of Level 1 Plus :

Basic ergonomic skills to workstation self management and implementing corrective action

Understanding sources of risk – ability to identify hazards in the workplace and report through site channels

Understanding the importance of mechanical aids in the workplace, there suitability to task and resourcing

Aimed at ensuring persons can articulate & practice correct postural techniques in relation to basic non clinical tasks.

Specific to Manual handling mentors in the workplace. (Hostel / Low Care / Psyc)

1 – 3 day


Level 3 Training All elements of Level 1 and 2 Plus:

Ability to articulate and demonstrate correct postures.

Ability to transfer skills across to others in their work place.

Conduct clinical risk assessments in relation to client management

Develop safe operating procedures for client management.

Conduct basic competency reviews.

Persons responsible for training others in the work place within their specific work areas.

Specific to Manual handling Area Mentors in the workplace.( Acute/ Disabilities / Aged Care)

2 – 4 day


Level 4 All elements of Levels 1, 2 and 3 Plus:

Conduct clinical risk assessments in relation to client management  inclusive of trouble shooting and reassigning resources

Develop safe operating procedures for client management.

Resourcing equipment specific to work task needs – review and develop costing analysis for CAPEX requirements.

Develop in house training programs applicable to area and training needs analysis.

Conduct basic competency reviews with in multiple areas inclusive of clinical and non clinical workforces.

Specific to Manual handling coordinators in the workplace.

Total 6 days in training + competency

Level 5      Injury Prevention & Manual Handling Strategies for the Health Industry

Specific to:

  • Proposed Manual handling coordinators
  • Established Manual Handling co-ordinators .
  • Free lance Back Attack Coordinator / Consultant roles – sub contracted to P.I.P.S P/L

Time frame: 5 days = 1 per week unless otherwise specified by P.I.P.S P/L

Cost: $2,500 per student as at Jan 2014

Criteria: Students must have:

  • A good understanding of the fundamentals of manual handling. (Equivalent to Level 4 Back Attack)
  • A clinical background capable of understanding the complexities of the Health Industry
  • Certificate 4 Work Place Assessment and Training
  • A demonstrated basic understanding of Workplace Health and Safety (HSR is considered a minimum)
  • Possession of communication skills capable of inciting motivation within others.
  • A physical fitness level appropriate to the trainer’s role (It can be physically demanding, but fun).
  • Persons whom have a achieved or maintained Level 4 Back Attack through refresher programs within the past 2 years will be given preference in course admission.

Learning outcomes in brief:

  • Enhance confidence in training skills relating to safe and correct postural techniques, in particular the safe use of their bodies in relation to basic manual handling tasks.
  • Enhanced ability to articulate and demonstrate correct postures across varying workplace groups.
  • Ability to develop training modules and variates training methods.
  • Develop assessment tools and conduct clinical risk assessments in relation to client management – inclusive of management training module.
  • Ability to develop safe operating procedures for client management.
  • Conduct worker competency reviews.

Membership fees: Annual fee for membership access to PIPS P/L Back Attack resources site.

  • Allows access to all on line Video’s and privileges to download all Safe Operating Procedures, news updates and equipment reports.

  1. 1. Individual – Open to P.I.P.S PL Back Attack Sub contractors only            $150 per annum
  2. 2. Less than 50 Employees (Organisation)                                                   $150 per annum
  3. 3. Between 51 – 100 Employees Organisation)                                             $250 per annum
  4. 4. Greater than 101 Employees (organization)                                              $350 per annum.

Access passwords are renewed each year and  will be administered post annual fee payment – applications can be made on line

Future Competencies:

1 – 2 day competency and refresher programs are mandatory for all Level 5 Back Attack Trainers must be attended to maintain Level 5.

Refresher courses 1 – 2 day programs

Available to all levels to upgrade and allow trainers / mentors to demonstrate skills.

For further information regarding Back Attack program please e-mail us at and use “Back Attack” in the subject field.

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