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PIPS Manual Handling

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Level 5      Injury Prevention & Manual Handling Strategies for the Health Industry

Specific to:

  • Proposed Manual handling coordinators
  • Established Manual Handling co-ordinators .
  • Free lance Back Attack Coordinator / Consultant roles – sub contracted to P.I.P.S P/L

Time frame: 5 days = 1 per week unless otherwise specified by P.I.P.S P/L

Cost: $2,500 per student

Criteria: Students must have:

  • A good understanding of the fundamentals of manual handling. (Equivalent to Level 4 Back Attack)
  • A clinical background capable of understanding the complexities of the Health Industry
  • Certificate 4 Work Place Assessment and Training
  • A demonstrated basic understanding of Workplace Health and Safety (HSR is considered a minimum)
  • Possession of communication skills capable of inciting motivation within others.
  • A physical fitness level appropriate to the trainer’s role (It can be physically demanding, but fun).
  • Persons whom have a achieved or maintained Level 4 Back Attack through refresher programs within the past 2 years will be given preference in course admission.

Learning outcomes in brief:

  • Enhance confidence in training skills relating to safe and correct postural techniques, in particular the safe use of their bodies in relation to basic manual handling tasks.
  • Enhanced ability to articulate and demonstrate correct postures across varying workplace groups.
  • Ability to develop training modules and variates training methods.
  • Develop assessment tools and conduct clinical risk assessments in relation to client management – inclusive of management training module.
  • Ability to develop safe operating procedures for client management.
  • Conduct worker competency reviews.

Future Competencies:

1 – 2 day competency and refresher programs are mandatory for all Level 5 Back Attack Trainers must be attended to maintain Level 5.

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